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Frequently asked questions

What is included in the WBS?

    The WBS includes all of the products in the product breakdown structure and the common elements selected by the team. We recommend that all of the common elements be allocated in each individual product or subsystem following MIL-HDBK 881C,  like the cost of the IPTL, and  manuals.

What is included in the Structured Schedule Framework?

    The schedule is delivered in .XML format and may be imported into various scheduling applications like MS Project, Primavera P6, or Deltek Open Plan. In that file is an Integrated Master Plan integrated master schedule. The IMS is horizontally and vertically integrated to the IMP Events. If you have not used a Structured Schedule Framework within your organization, Structnet will send you a copy of a Bicycle schedule framework for your company to test and verify that it works with your application.

How do we use the schedule?

    We deliver an .XML file to you.  You import the .XML file into your application and test it for continuity and dates.  Make date changes and see if the appropriate dates changes within your schedule. You enter the durations for each of the planning packages and view the critical path. If you wish Structnet to furnish the schedule in another application format, please contact us to discuss., Or Call David Black at (805) 236-7809
    You put in the resource names in each of the planning packages and you will have a resource allocation plan. You put in the resource loading and you have a resource loaded IMS.

Do you have training?


What is included in the training package?

    We can include group training as a presentation or workshops.
    We have individualized web-based training on the creation of the WBS in the use of the planning package.

Do you have written procedures?


Do you have configuration control?


Do you have training videos with written and audio?


Can you include sub schedules?


Can you run a schedule risk analysis on it?


How large a schedule can you build?

    We have built schedules with over 100,000 lines with sub-projects.  The results is still a 100% linked IMS with only one task without a predecessor and one task without successor.

How much do you charge for your service?

    We charge $50 per product.

    If you have a schedule that includes 30 product's, like a bicycle, and you have 20 bicycles to build the charge would be $1,500.

Have you ever used this process before?

    Yes. We have used it for construction, space instruments, radar systems, and ground systems.

 What are the processes that you use in the standard package?

    The five high-level phases are requirements, preliminary design, detailed design, fabrication, assembly integration and test. Each of those phases have underlying planning packages. There are a total of 25 Summary Level Planning Packages and nine milestones for each product.

How many lines in the schedule?

    For the first product including the first EDM there are:

  • 41 SLPP Tasks and Milestones.
  • 4 Summaries.
  • Total 45 Lines per product
  • For each additional EDM unit there are:
    • 1 Summary.
    • 11 SLPP Tasks and Milestones.
    • Total 12 Lines.
  • For 1 product with 20 deliverable units there are 273 Lines.

 Can this system be used to modify existing systems?

     The WBS system and the final IMS is designed in a way that is consistent, repeatable, and reusable.

Do any of these systems contain software?

    We build them exactly the same way that we would build the hardware system using waterfall, but we have a method of inter-leafing agile methods for the software portion within the waterfall system.

Can you show us how it works?

    Yes, we can. We can give you a presentation, hard-copy, or videos.

Can we have an example of what this looks like?

    We can give you a copy of our bicycle package. That package includes an example of a graphically enhanced product breakdown structure, and a copy of the .XML schedule IMP/IMS with a subproject which you can put in durations and find the critical path. It is an example of what we recommend you build for the product breakdown structure and you would receive as an IMP/IMS. If you use Microsoft Project, we can furnish it to you in that application.

What if we have a project where we don't want anyone, including you to know what the project is. Or the types of products that make up the system?

    We can handle it. You just get us WBS numbers and we will give you the framework. Then you fill in the names of the products that make up the system. You could keep us in the dark by asking for more products then you really need and then deleting those products very simply while still maintaining the vertical and horizontal integration.

How many deliverable bicycles do you have in your standard package?

     We include 20 deliverable bicycles in a standard package. We can build the schedule with more or less as you desire.


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