Improveing project management sucess with the process of "Structured Scheduling".

Project management scheduling.

Have you ever had a hunch that there was a faster, better, and cheaper way to build an IMP/IMS that was easy to teach easy to learn and met all of the government and industry requirements? Did you ever want for a method of building an IMP/IMS that was consistent, repeatable, and reusable for future programs? Did you ever think about the benefits that could be derived by having a vertically and horizontally integrated schedule framework a few days into the proposal process so that it can be used during proposal creation. Not just act as an artifact at the end in the management volume? Consider a proposal IMP/IMS that the PM wants to expand after award instead of rebuilding the wheel. Think about having Planning and IMP/IMS documents that everyone on the team, technical and non-technical folks can understand, and is easy for groups like supply-chain to do their job better and in a more organized fashion?

 Have you ever  thought that there was a better way of integrating the subcontractor schedules into the prime contractor's schedule? Would you use a methodology that takes long strides towards solving some of the Government identified root causes of programs being over budget, late delivering, and not meeting the technical goals originally envisioned? Did that hunch impart a vision of an IMP/IMS that is the product of one mind, not one person? The truth is, you were right. There is a way.

Structnet's "Structured Scheduling" method is here to serve you, your customers & Subcontractors.

This web-page focuses on Planning and Scheduling techniques used in the Design and development of systems & product in the manufacturing industry. The construction industry can use these techniques as well, but there are differences in those industries that will be addressed separately in this site.

Tomorrows proposals should be based upon todays successful programs. Products we produce today should be prominently expressed in tomorrows estimate. Every contractor should increase value of todays knowledge of  products  with tomorrows insightful advancements. Structnet's " Structured Scheduling" will help you cultivate tomorrows proposals into successful programs by maximizing todays successes with tomorrows proposals.

Structured Scheduling begins with a  Product organized Product Breakdown Structure (PBS). This Organizational chart expresses how the program will be Designed, Assembled, integrated, tested & shipped. With the product being the lowest common denominator. Thus you can derive any product into tomorrows estimate. "Structured scheduling


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